Transportation Boundaries for the
Lino Lakes Area

Rehbein Transit strives to provide Lino Lakes, MN, with Centennial School District’s most up-to-date pick-up and drop-off information, as well as details about transportation boundaries and inclement weather practices. Here, your students can find the information they need to confidently navigate bus procedures throughout the school year.

snow storm

Inclement Weather Procedures

Bus activity on days with inclement weather is subject to the school district’s decision. If the district implements a two-hour delay, school buses will be available to students at their usual stops within Centennial transportation boundaries, two hours later than their normal pickup time. Be sure to check your local news stations and the Centennial School District website for updated information about school closings and inclement weather procedures.

Walking Boundaries

Centennial School District provides bus transportation for students in grades 1-12 who live outside their school’s walking boundaries. Kindergarten students may walk up to half a mile to school; for longer distances, buses transport kids in both morning and afternoon kindergarten classes. Rehbein Transit picks up and drops off these students at the same stops used by children in grades 1-5. Click below to find your school’s transportation boundaries.

Centennial School District Walking Maps
students boarding a school bus

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Information

To make sure they don’t miss their bus, students are advised to be at their stop five minutes before their pick-up time. Kids within the bus transportation boundaries should walk no more than half a mile to their designated stop. If your bus stop is farther away from your home, please contact the district.

School Bus Safety

Rehbein Transit drives Centennial School District students to the area’s elementary, middle, and high schools. We’re proud to have served the district for over seven decades. From sporting events to field trips, you can trust our company for safe transportation of all students.

Centennial School District Map